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CR: 24D's Assemble!! by GaoBlueSamezu
CR: 24D's Assemble!!
Edisi kangen~

24D's in Ginyu Force pose!! been a long time since I drew them all, kinda miss them so much especially Javelin and Tirta since I don't know their owner's facebook account

Clockwise from rightmost:
Tirta (c) :icontecmopery:
Aokawa (c) :iconcryussgevalth:
Ibrahim (c) me
Airia (c) :iconrenfortineri:
Javelin (c) :iconcrimson-grizzly:
Star Wars OC: Darth Cadavroo by GaoBlueSamezu
Star Wars OC: Darth Cadavroo
Name : Darth Cadavroo
Age: 22
Species: S'kytri

Physical Appearance:
Gender: male
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black, have a blood red colored streak at the back

Homeworld: Skye / Marat V
Born: June 6, 143 ABY

Personality: Prideful, easy to anger, Sometimes Overconfident, tsukkomi
Loves: Battle, Grapple training, playing card games, cute things
Hates: Waiting, Spicy foods, traitor, Showing his Wings
Fears: Deep water (can't swim), losing friends
Hobbies: Shuffling cards, Riding a speeder, Farming, Training

JOBS: Occasional Pod racer (current), Majestrix / Ruler of Planet Skye (former)

Weapons: Lightsaber Shoto, Small Saberstaves (x2)

Combat: Ataru style, Various Submission technique, Teras Kasi, Wrestling
Force Powers: Force Push/pull, Force Choke, Force Lightning, Force-powered punch

Other Skills/Abilities: Undivided focus and total awareness (360 degrees of sight) when speeding (must exceed certain speed to be activated)

Background/Timeline :
Darth Cadavroo, formerly known as Ikkh'Ssheane. used to be a young Majestrix of the planet Skye. He lived peacefully until one day a man who claims to be a leader of another planet, came to his kingdom. at first this man offers an alliance with his planet, which he gladly accepted. He befriended with the man not long after the alliance was made.but unknown to him, the man only wanted to take over his planet.

The man framed him into some serious situation regarding his planet's welfare. creating a plague and tricked his subordinates and civilians to think it was caused by their Majestrix, quietly provoking a riot, etc. this caused a rebellion from his men, thinking that he had made too many mistake to lead them as the majestrix, not long after that, a civil war happened. Struggling to survive a long war, Ikkh'Ssheane and his loyal followers was cornered. one of his men convinced him to escape from the planet. At first he refused the idea, but at the end, he reluctantly agreed and escaped with the man who was actually the mastermind behind the war.

They escaped the planet with two small battleships, and when they were already far from the planet, the man shot him down. at this point, the Majestrix finaly realized that he was tricked all along. he crash landed to a small planet, barely surviving with crippled wings. there, he was almost killed by an unknown beast, but was helped and rescued by Darth Sammael. Seeing his way of fighting, and desiring for a revenge (for his fallen comrades and families) he asked Sammael to teach him the way of Sith, aiming to kill the mastermind and retrieve his home planet.

"Speed is the key"
"But I refuse!"
"Hah! you call that a speed? well, if you really are that slow, then.... you can't see me!"
"Hatred and Anger are indeed a must in order to gain power, but they will only do you any good if you use them, not the other way around"
Canvas Ranger Duelist Hero by GaoBlueSamezu
Canvas Ranger Duelist Hero
Berhubung kangen sama mereka bertiga. uhe~ udah lama ga gambar mereka bertiga barengan

Drew this since I miss these 3. uhe~ been a long time since the last time I drew them togheter

left to right:
Ryuzaki Mutou (c) :iconankomatsuyama:
Ibrahim Al-Fajr (c) me
Hiwatari Yuugi (c) :icontakukairi:
Dear, CANVAS RANGER Secret Santa...
Sedari kecil.. aku selalu dapet kado, maka kali ini sebagai balas jasa, aku akan memberikan kado pada santa! apalagi kalau itu empunya Kanon, pasti akan kuberikan semuanya dengan segenap jiwa dan ragaku!!

Jadi sekarang aku akan mempersiapkan hadiah yang terindah buat santa, yaitu :

:bulletblue: ...kepada OC cewe. Aku akan menggambar OCku berkuda bersama OC Santa (1 kuda berdua).
:bulletred: ...kepada OC cowo. Aku akan menggambar OCku sedang adu panco lawan OC santa.
  • Listening to: Sukiyaki


Ki Dalang Samezu
Just a duelist who have drawing as his hobby :D

Current Residence: Jakarta
Favourite genre of music: hip hop
Favourite cartoon character: Mystogan, Erza Scarlet, Son Goku, Chinmi, Van, Yugi Muto, Pegasus J Crawford, Kaiba Seto, Jounouchi
Personal Quote: Empty your cup before you pour another drink

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